Bipad Athletes


Bipad products are revolutionized by the art of foot posture. Through science and technology we are improving stability, strength and power.

At the same time, implementing preventative measures that can help reduce and prevent any injury and pain.

Improve Static Stability

Improve Dynamic Stability

           Maximize Range of Motion

As a baby, we pull ourselves up and gain balance and take few steps. That’s when we gain the confidence to walk. Balance is the key part of walking. People lose balance due to loss of muscle strength and joint flexibility. Your foot posture in weight bearing has an impact on all of our joints and muscles within and above our foot. At the same time postural control, lumbar stabilization and proprioception build core muscles. Every athletes with a well functioning core can help promote greater efficiency. Stabilization provides a strong foundation through an action (such as throwing a ball) can occur more efficiently, powerfully and accurately. In another word, stability is trained before strength, and strength is trained before power.

Note: Bipad socks doesn’t have added compression, which allows more range of motion, so you can increase force and more power.