Bipad Socks

Our feet provide the foundation for our bodies. If our foot posture is unstable, it can
lead to neck, back, hip, knee, foot, ankle pain. Our unique 3D Scaphoid Pad
technology in our socks supports the longitudinal arch, which helps align the body
starting with your feet.




Durable for Athletes

3D cushion technology provides padding on high impacted area while stabilizing the foot by providing arch support. Achilles compression to massage the tendon. Made for high impact sports.

Superior Support

Combining superior knitting technology to provide support and cushion to the feet. 3D cushion scaphoid arch redistributes ball of the foot pressure for relief pain.

Designed to Perfection

Anatomically designed for your foot. Seamless toe, Y Stitch heel cushion, toe crest, moisture management, 3D cushion arch support and ball of the foot support.

Quality Material

Most advanced combination fabrics to wick moisture away to keep your feet dry and cool. No slipping or binding, feel the quality.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have medical conditions, will Bipad socks work for me?
Bipad socks are not medically certified to treat any foot conditions. There are elements to support your foot and improve quality of life. It also may vary on the individual.

How should I wash my socks?
You can wash Bipad socks the same way you wash any of your clothes. However, we recommend machine wash cold, do not bleach and tumble dry low.

Why is there a left and right distinction?
Bipad socks are biomechanically designed to fit the targeted area of your foot.

What are the Bipad socks made of?
Please check product page for additional information. (View Socks)